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2 Americans Gored In 2017 Pamplona’s Second Bull Run


Two more Americans were gored while several others were injured on Saturday during the second running of the bulls at the 2017 San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain.


According to the regional government of Navarra, a 22-year old American man whom they’re calling JC is in serious condition at a nearby hospital. While another 35-year old American man identified with the initials BH is in a stable condition after the goring.

The running of the bulls is televised and this year, some of the most memorable moments showed a bull thrusting its horns into a man’s backside and flipping him over onto the street, while another was seen getting his arm impaled by a bull and was dragged for several yards before the bull shook him off and stomped over him.

Three Spaniards, two Frenchmen and three other Americans were all in serious need of treatment at the nearby hospital for the crazy injuries received during the excitement and chaos enjoyed by the adrenaline hooked thrill-seekers.

First Running

At the first running on Friday, two Americans and Spaniard were also gored, however they all received non-life-threatening injuries.

The second running which took place on Saturday was especially dangerous. The bulls plowed into the slow-moving runners in no time. The bulls, which hail from the Jose Escolar ranch, are notorious for their unpredictability. They completed the course, which was 930-yards (850-meters) in just over four minutes. That’s longer than the average three minutes, the course took longer because a rogue bull decided to change direction.

The lone bull was tracked down and then guided by castrated bulls who are trained to accompany any rogue bulls into the bullring for their almost certain death at a bullfight. This is the third year that an Escolar ranch bull goes rogue and makes an appearance at a bullfight.

The San Fermin fiesta is a nine-day event that attracts thousands of tourists and Spaniards alike. People go to experience the thrill, watch it or go for the amazing parties. The fiesta was popularized by the Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Sun Also Rises.”