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A “Nuclear Blast” Into The Supreme Court for Judge Gorsuch


The so called “nuclear option” blasted the Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, into the highest judicial position of the country. 

A one year for and back, allowed the senate to reach the final decision and appoint the conservative judge with a marginal win.

Democrats, frustrated by the rejection of their own nominee Judge Merrick B. Garland, led a fierce battle on the senate floor trying to reject the republican choice.

Trump’s nominee appointed

Considered a triumph for the president’s party, the newly appointed man will serve his nation in the supreme court of justice under the conservative ideological framework of the republicans for a period that could last up to 30 years or more.

Since last year, the GOP had a hard time bring a consensus on the bipartisan senate floor as the bylaws stipulated a 60 mark vote from the senate floor, in order for a judge to get the acceptance. 

The democrats resisted fiercely to the republican initiative and managed, every time, to holding them back from getting enough votes. 

This led the GOP to switch the battle field to the Congress and attempting successfully to amend the SCOTUS bylaws, rendering the appointment of a nominee depending on a simple majority win.

Controversial politics

The judiciary personnel as well as the judicial institutions, are by law independent elements of the American political system and should not be directly involved with any political party as well as intervening in the political process, to safeguard their neutral stance. 

The bipartisan feud was an indication due to the public of the politicization of the judicial process and is raising concerns over the transparency of the American political system. 

Although, Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, has a heavy record in the law field and has previous experience in the judicial arena, the appointment procedure would remain a matter of controversy surrounding the new Supreme Court judge of the United States of America.