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‘Acidic Substance’ Was Sprayed in London Bar, Burning Clubbers


A minimum of 12 people have suffered burns following a “strong acidic substance” being sprayed into east London bar.

Two victims injured are currently in serious condition, although they are currently stable.

Police said that they think the “noxious substance” had been sprayed right onto faces of a pair of men following an argument that broke out inside Mangle E8 located in Dalston late Sunday, early Monday.

The attacker is yet to be caught, say police.


One witness stated that they saw a few women pour water on those who were injured.

“In the party in the basement there were girls making noise, I saw their friends ordering a bottle of water – they were putting it on them, they were splashing it on their faces,” said the witness, asking to remain anonymous.

“It was like a war – the police were everywhere.

“I just saw a lot of people complaining, there were a lot of staff around, someone had called the police and a lot of people were crying.”

Around 600 people were in the event late that evening and around 400 remained in the building located in between Warburton Road and Sidworth Street during that time.


A spokeswoman from the London Fire Brigade stated: “The only information that we have is that it was an unknown corrosive substance thrown within the nightclub.

“It was identified by a PH paper test as a strong acidic substance.”

One journalist located in the region during the time of the incident tweeted: “Scary scenes in Hackney tonight, we have heard reports of chemical burns of people in the building here”.

She also posted a photo of multiple fire fighters waiting at the front of the complex.

The suspected attack came only one week since a family had acid thrown over them in Islington, not too far from this incident.