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AMD shares rise after a strong lead, save time


Stocks increased by 10 percent after one hour of trading, claiming more than 21 million shares changed on Tuesday.
So the company compared to expectations, according to estimates by Thomson Reuters consensus:

• EPS 2 cents per share relative to breakeven
• Revenue: $ 1220000000, compared to $ 1.16 trillion

As noted by the strong results of the second quarterly results analyst Patrick Moorhead, this could be good news for AMD.
“AMD has a lot to wait because none of their actual sales of EPYC server rooms, limited sales of the new Radeon Vega and no mobile parts Ryzen” Moorhead, founder and chief analyst Moor, the idea and strategy.

As expected, Moorhead said operating profit AMD’s “whipped cream”

AMD said it expects sales in the third quarter to rise 15 percent from the previous year. This figure also includes sales of $ 1.5 billion in the third quarter; the best analyst forecasts $ 139 billion, according to Thomson Reuters.

The company announced that it expects annual growth in sales in middle and high percentage of young people, better than its previous low-income growth forecasts. Wall Street predicted sales growth of around 12.8 percent throughout the year, according to estimates by the Thomson Reuters consensus.
Optimistic forecasts for AMD sales expectations set for annual inventory reduction in 2017. During a conference call on Tuesday, AMD said, in order to meet demand and increase production, complete its new schedule.

In June, the stock jumped after the company told CNBC that a dramatic increase in the digital exchange rate would require the use of its graphics card. At that time, the leading hardware provider recently launched the RX 570 and RX 580 models sold by AMD.

Although Bitcoin’s price suffered recent turmoil, Bitcoin has more than doubled its value in the year. CryptoCurrency miners used graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia to “Mine” new parts, which can then be sold or retained for future earnings. AMD traditionally has a better reputation for CryptoCurrency research.