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American unemployment; reduced market disturbance


The number of Americans who are unemployed explains fell more than expected, at a rate suggesting a decline in the labor market; the Federal Reserve raises interest rates this year, despite moderate growth, allowing inflation.
Initial unemployment claims fell to 237,000 in 8,000 weeks on June 10, the ministry said on Thursday.

Requirements are now less than 300,000, which is a level that can be combined with a healthy labor market for 119 weeks in a row. It is the longest line since the 1970s, when the labor market was smaller. It is 4.3 percent close to full employment, a low unemployment rate over the past 16 years.
The Fed raised its travel rate by 25 basis points Wednesday to go to the second war this year, saying it expects economic activity to expand at moderate pace in labor market conditions and improve slightly more.

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Four weeks of average demand, better, because every week increased the trends in the market volatility of 1000-243 thousand last week. While the monthly growth in employment slows down, waiting before the opening of high points is likely to be a company that can not find qualified workers.

The report also states that on Thursday it also showed that the number of people who continues to increase their effectiveness after the first week received a week ended 3 to 6,000 in June to 1,940,000. Requirements remained nine consecutive weeks under $ 2 million, suggesting a slow labor market decline.
The four-week moving average of fixed accounts moving demand from 1.930.000 to 9,000 increases the remaining seven consecutive weeks by less than seven million.