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Annabel Nnochiri Decides To Accomplish Her Bucket List After Being Diagnosed With Cancer


A London mom-wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer left her husband so she could live and complete her bucket list.

Annabel Nnochiri, 56, had two-and-a-half years to draw breath in 2012 after she suffered from breast cancer which hit her bones.

Nnochiri thought that she would not make it for so long, so she decided to go the route of travelling, painting, and dancing salsa, which are some elements in her bucket list, as she does not to be remembered as just a housewife. Moreover, she said goodbye to her husband after marriage that lasted for 28 years.

Nnochiri: from a housewife to a figure in BBC2 documentary

Nnochiri had gotten over breast cancer in 2010; however, she was diagnosed with bones cancer in 2012 after her parents died in a car accident.

She told The Mirror, “The breast cancer had metastasized into my bones. I’d talked with others for a long while about ending my marriage.”

“I made a bucket list and the first thing was to leave my husband. I had a good life but just felt completely trapped and wanted to break free. Knowing I had a short time to go I knew I couldn’t live the rest of my life just being a housewife. I thought I’ve got two-and-a-half years left and I don’t want to be in this house. I don’t want to be cooking dinner every night… I want to be free!’, She continued, “I asked my 19-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter and they both agreed I would be happier if I went and did my own thing.”

Moving On

After three years from her split with her husband, she said that she and her husband now lead a happy life and both moved on.

She said that taking such decision had deliberately changed her approach to life. She said, “I used to be anxious, worrying what people thought of me,” she said on the BBC2 documentary.

“If I hadn’t had cancer I would have been a dull person. But because of it, I’ve become a much braver, naughty older woman,” she added.

Nnochiri will appear in a Documentary produced by BBC2 that airs on Wednesday that narrates stories of 12 people living with cancer but decided to change their approach to life.