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Apple Releases Most Expensive Phone Yet


Apple unveiled its iPhone X (pronounced as Ten, not ex) at the just concluded Apple event which is a more obvious leap from the normal designs of their devices. Though this caused a drop in the shares of the company as reported by wall street, it did not fail to unite a majority of the highlight’s expected by fans and phone users.

The premium expensive phone is set to cost $999 – or £999 in the UK for the 64GB and a whopping cost of $1,149 – or £1,149 in the Uk for the 256GB version making it the most expensive iPhone to date. The phone can be pre-ordered on October 27 and shipping starts November 3.

Amazing New Features

The features of the new iPhone include the faceID recognition following the absence of the home screen button which requires user’s attention to lock and unlock the phone, high-resolution camera 12MP, 2 hours extra battery life than the iPhone 7, wireless charging support and terrifying animated emoji.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ was also unveiled with a starting price of $699 -or £699 in the UK for 64GB and $799 – or £799 for the iPhone 8 plus and commences shipping on 22 September.

It is a general opinion that Apple is slow to make use of new technology and recent events confirmed it. Wireless charging comes long time after Samsung first introduced it, for instance, and the overall look of the phone, which no longer has the iconic home button, looks just like the latest Samsung Galaxy Note.