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Asian Wall Street companies are happy to follow job market data in the US Forecasts


Asian stocks rose Monday due to strong performance at Wall Street last week, while the dollar rose in June, expecting profit after much stronger employment data.
Shares in Australia grew by 0.3%, while South Korean Kospi grew by 0.2%.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng got 1 percent, while stocks in China were stable

Friday, Wall Street was closed after US growth in employment exceeded the forecasts. However, the delay in wage growth led to investor entry in the sense that volume wage data limits the scope of the Fed.
NASDAQ increased by 1% jump, while S & P 500 was 0.6% and Dow Jones Industrial grew 0.4%.
“Very strong growth due to poor growth in wages, The Perfect Storm for Shares,” wrote Chris Weston, senior market strategist at IG in Melbourne.

“Powerful report work forces us to expect the Fed to announce it is ready to start reducing its balance sheet,” said Mitsuo Imaizumi, a currency strategist at Daiwa Securities.
“By contrast, the Bank of Japan is far from being a political solution and taking action to reduce yen,” he said.
Dollar index, which rose by 0.2 percent on Friday, slightly changed to 96.028 on Monday.

The euro fell on Monday, worth US $ 1,408; spreading 0.1% off

A group of 20 people in Hamburg during the weekend on Monday did not have any impact on the market.

At a meeting of major world economies, you broke up with the US on climate policies and US President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, his Chinese counterpart agreed on co-operation on threats and bilateral trade in North Korea. Trump also said the formation of computer security devices to protect against electoral hacking with Russian President Wladimir Poutine, but he abandoned that position.

Gold dropped 0.2% to $ 1 210.92, nearly four months fell Friday as the dollar went up and increased demand for risky assets.