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Baxter Reid, 26, Arrested After Overstaying American Visa By One Hour


A New Yorker girl claims that US officials arrested her Australian boyfriend for outstayed his visa by an hour.

26-year-old, Baxter Reid, was visiting his girlfriend, Heather Kancso, the US. Reid had a five-year visa so he had to leave the US grounds and comes back every six months.


On April 23rd and only hours before his visa’s expiration, Reid and his girlfriend were about to enter Canada from a state in New York. Being late for entry by Canadian officials, Reid was eventually denied entry.

“They spent hours asking us remedial questions and giving us the runaround, with hours of dead time in between,” Kancso said on a page called GoFundMe, created to collect money for Reid’s legal expenses.

The reason Reid’s was prevented from entering Canada is unknown. Kansco is blaming Canadian Border officials for “wasting over four hours” before they refuse her boyfriend’s entry.

When Reid was taken by US officials, he became illegal in the US and officials considered him violating his visa requirements for an hour.

“They threw Baxter in [handcuffs] and escorted him to prison,” Kansco said.

In an attempt to fully understand what happened, Alexander, Reid’s brother, said that Canadian officials didn’t allow Reid to enter Canada because his visa was about to expire.

Refusal To Comment

When the HuffPost tried to take comments on Reid’s case, many contacts refused to talk such as CBSA spokesperson as well as A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesperson.

However, CBSA spokesperson stated in an email:  “All persons seeking entry must demonstrate they meet the requirements to enter and/or stay in Canada.”

According to the State Department’s website, any person who remains in the US longer than the visa demands will be considered as violating the US immigration regulations and laws. The person may also be arrested while their current visa will be automatically canceled or voided.

As for Reid’s stats, The Guardian said that Reid is now at a federal detention in Buffalo, New York whereas Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is helping him for with consultancy.