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Behind Closed Borders: North Korea And The U.S


Isolated and nuclear armed, North-Korea represents a spike in the spine of the US hegemonic empire since over half a century.

The North-West Asian state has abstained from integrating into the globally imposed Western system and has a closed-door policy toward any relations with any foreign entity, asides of limited and scrutinized contact with their Russian and Chinese neighbors.

Pyongyang is living in a paranoid state of constant existential threat by the West and in particular the United States.

Historical feud

The absolutism embodied in their leader Mr. Kim Jong-Un is a legacy that stretches to the founding father of the modern era, Mr. Kim IL Sung, who will be commemorated on his 105th birthday this Saturday.

The annual event comes following a Supreme People’s Assembly Session, marked every year by a national feast and occasionally nuclear or ballistic missile experiments, to show power and threat national enemies.

Five different nuclear tests have been conducted in the recent years, including 2 last year, are triggering panic in their regional neighbors, in particular South-Korea.

North-Korea ambushed

The United States of America has several bases surrounding North-Korea and tends to float their navy forces and aircraft carriers in the surrounding waters to “sustain” the situation and comfort their allies.

Decades of hopeless diplomatic resolutions on the bilateral, multi-lateral and international stage have ended in no result.

The long-feared nuclear program of the Russian and Chinese ally has rapidly grown to unacceptable levels for the Western actors and is prompting the current American administration to threaten with previously refrained unconventional methods.

50 Tomahawk missiles served as a display of power by the U.S armed forces to Pyongyang, a week ago, clearing doubts of American reluctance to use force to protect allies and national interest.

As used, Mr.Kim Yong-Un, publicly bolstered his intension of further upgrading his atomic program and initiating more tests.

The totalitarian leader is keen to develop ballistic missiles capable to reach the Western Coast of the U.S and is threatening to not hesitate to strike anytime.