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Beware! Energy Drinks May Damage Your Health


Another health research recently published shows that the consumption of energy beverage for short-term strength may turn out to be dangerous for our health. A group of scientists analyzed the available information on these energy beverages and found that they are capable of causing a couple of issues for your health – both physically and mentally -, which include heart issues, anxiety, obesity, high blood pressure as well as kidney issues.

Energy drinks and alcohol, a risky mixture

As indicated by the research, the temporary benefits of consuming energy beverages outweigh the dangers it causes to your health in the long run, and kids should, in particular, avoid such drinks. The investigation also emphasizes the possible risks of mixing spirits with energy beverages. Individuals who consume a mixture of both may consume more quantity since the energy beverage tend to falsely conceal the impacts of the alcohol intoxication which results in more consumption – and alcohol has been linked to certain cancers.

Children should stay away from energy drinks

According to the study, the scientists enjoin that kids and teens should completely shun energy beverages. They propose that, as a means of doing so, energy beverages should have age restrictions, as well as a maximum quantity of caffeine substance used to produce these drinks, should be put in place.

Energy beverages mainly consist of water, caffeine, vitamins, minerals, sugar, and certain stimulants, for example, ginseng, guarana, and taurine. The quantity of the caffeine varies among products. Some products contain 100gm of caffeine for every liquid ounce which is nearly 12 times the amount of a shot of espresso. The researchers recommended a daily consumption of 400mg of caffeine for adults but not recommendable for youngsters.

The risks of consuming energy beverages are caused by the sugar and caffeine substances. It can cause many other health issues as well, for example, stomach aches, stress, irritation, and dyspnea.