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Big Bang Theory’s Main Cast Agree To Take A Pay Cut In Order To Help Fellow Members Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch Get A Raise


Popular TV show The Big Bang Theory’s original, main cast members are reported to have agreed to tae cuts in their salary so that they can help give raises to members Melissa Raunch and Mayim Bialik before the two-season renewal, reported Variety.

Members Johnny Galeck, Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Kunal Nayyar, and Simon Helberg have reportedly made a gesture of good will as Rauch and Bialik and Rauch continue the process of renewing and negotiating their new contracts.

New Salaries

According to a report by Variety, the five original stars, who are estimated to currently receive about $1 million per episode, will be making around $100,000 less for each episode than before the potential new seasons.

The $500,000 will then be divided between Bialik and Rauch, who currently receive only $200,000 per episode, leaving them with the updated $450,000.

CBS recently expressed their confidence in the number one prime time comedy continuing past the current 10th season. “We’ll put it on for as long as everyone wants Big Bang on the air,” stated CBS’ head Glenn Geller last August “I hope it lasts forever.”

Future of the Show

The executive producer, Steve Molaro, said to EW that he hasn’t been looking at season 10, the current season, as the last, but thinks he knows how the series may end.

“I have personal thoughts that have been floating around in my head, but we haven’t really talked about it,” he stated after last year’s season finale.

“It always seems like this thing that’s off in the distance forever. Until it becomes closer to a reality, I’m not going to think about it all that much, because it makes me sad.”