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Bitcoin Is Paying Out Dividends Now – Just Not to Everyone


Bitcoin investors are receiving a dividend alongside the astounding capital gains – that’s of course if they’re among the lucky ones.

Who are the lucky investors?

A new offshoot was created in the shape of bitcoin gold after the split within the blockchain on Tuesday, giving bitcoin holders the chance of receiving an additional unit for every bitcoin in their possession. There was a tumble in the cryptocurrency from a record high after the alleged hard fork – similarly as the stocks regularly drop after going ex-dividend.

According to Gavin Yeung, EGO at funding business enterprise crypto-mover, it is undoubtedly healthy for every investor to proudly say, “I’m a bitcoin investor, I have my dividend and can take the plunge to do whatever I want with my investment.”

What differs?

There are, of course, some discrepancies. For investors to receive the extra bitcoin gold, they must have existing wallet or exchange that support the new asset which is not at all like a stock payout. Sadly, one of the greatest global exchanges – Coinbase, has confirmed that it won’t take the plunge.

Furthermore, bitcoin gold and a prior offshoot known as bitcoin cash emerged from contradicting visions in the decentralized bitcoin community – rather than an informed decision to raise investor returns. However, from this view, these “folks” are similar to stock spinoffs.