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Bittersweet Picture Captured Of Malik Williams Before Drowning In Order To Save Sons Life


A bittersweet picture was captured of Malik Williams, a father who drowned in the Mississippi River in an attempt to rescue his 6-year-old son, just before the tragic incident would mark a painful memory for his family and friends.

At Peace

“I just see that Malik is at peace.” Heather Holmes, Williams’ girlfriend and mother of his two kids, said of the photo. “I think my baby is at peace.’”

Last Tuesday, Williams accompanied his small family, including his girlfriend Holmes and their two young sons, Jaden, 6, and Joziah, just 2 weeks old, to Ben Butterworth Park in Moline.

The family has headed to the park to do their favourite hobby which is fishing.

Riley Gomez, a 16-year-old amateur photographer, was tickled pink by the striking scene where a father sitting on a green bucket on a dock alongside his son watching the sunset.

The Incident

“I just saw this father and son bond. I thought it was a really nice thing,” Gomez told TODAY. “They weren’t really talking. His son was just sitting on the dock drinking a Pepsi, watching his dad and looking at the river.”

Then suddenly Holmes was sitting the car feeding her baby when she heard Williams shouting his son’s name as he accidentally fell in the water. Williams had nothing to do but to jump in the water and save his 6-year-old kid.

Jaden was rescued by a bystander, but Williams drowned, Moline Police Department stated.

“He didn’t even hesitate. He would do everything and anything for Jaden.” Holmes said. “He didn’t even take a second to think about it.”

However, Williams’s girlfriend believes that she will give the picture in which Williams was doing what he always loved to do: fishing.

“It’s really sad.” said Gomez. “But I’m glad I can give his family one last thing to remember him by. One of his favorite things to do was fishing.”

“So to have that last moment, to capture that — I’m just happy I could give them this gift.” she added.