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Board member, Valerie Plame Wilson quits working with Ploughshares Fund following her anti-Semitic article tweet


Valerie Plame Wilson, who was once a CIA agent announced her resignation from Ploughshares Fund on Sunday; following the tweeted article about American Jews advocating battles in the Middle East.

Wilson apologized for sharing such article that has anti-Semitic tropes but later announced her resignation. In a series of tweets, she said consequences are results of actions, and she pointed out the honor she feels serving on the board of Ploughshares Fund. However, in a bid not to detract from their objective, she deemed it fit to resign. She admitted her hurtful and thoughtless actions and gave no excuses for her deeds.

Ploughshares Fund condemns Wilson’s tweet

Ploughshares Fund has condemned Wilson’s first tweet that came from The Unz Review, an online magazine. In a statement released by the firm on Friday, Ploughshares Fund pointedly said one of their board members, Wilson erred in sharing an anti-Semitic article from The Unz Review.

The firm went on to say in its statement that they condemn such proposition which entails white supremacist. They added that The Unz Review promulgates prejudices that are an affront to human decency and American values.

On Sunday, Wilson said her sharing of the write-up is a grave mistake and swore not to try such again in the future. However, she initially defended her retweeting of the piece, urging Twitter users to try to read the post without bias. Wilson later apologizes saying she only skimmed the article without reading it thoroughly.

The controversial article argued that American Jews are mainly pushing for war with Iran by roaring up the possible threat of the nation to the United States. The report also claimed that the establishment of the neoconservative foreign policy is beholden to American Jews who are associated with the Israel.