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Britain and Spain Escalating to War Threats


As Britain seemingly never running out of reasons to initiate wars, has aside of Afghanistan and Iraq found a new initiative for the use of their historical military complex.

The kingdom finds itself ambushed diplomatically, by what had seemed for half a century, one of their closest Allies.

European resentment

The EU is recently showing an unprecedented aggressive stance against the United Kingdom, fueled with resentments and discontent with the latter triggering the withdrawal mechanism (Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty) from the continental federation.

One of the elements of contention is the island of Gibraltar, which has been a point of dispute between the Brits and the Spaniards for decades.

The islet has expressed at many occasions, through popular referendums, the populous will to be under Britain’s umbrella.

This is contrasted in the administration of the UK to the foreign relations and defense institutions of the contended island.

European payback

Undergoing the toughest circumstances the European Union has faced since its inception, the leaders of the 27 members council feel betrayed and are looking to set crippling terms for the BREXIT.

Gibraltar is a hot point of these negotiations and the outlook displays the Europeans to tilt the equation in the hands of the Spanish government in a payback move.

To add gasoline on the fire, Spanish and major European officials have publicly threatened to back up the Scottish and Irish separatist initiative that saw light in midst of the British exodus.

Holding its ground as a historical global power, the prime minister of the United Kingdom Ms.Theresa May has not shied away to disclose her countries power to lash back, even if a military offense would turn out to be the only solution.

Both counterparts are escalating the different dimensions of the negotiations concerning their future relationship, which demonstrate uncertain prospects about the regional and domestic stability.