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California Man Dies from Tooth Infection


Vadim Kondratyuk Anatoliyevich, 26, a father from California was reported to have died in the early hours of last Monday due to a tooth infection he had that apparently had spread down to his lungs.

Mr. Anatoliyevich was a father of two and a trucker, and several weeks back had mentioned a toothache that he had prior to driving to New York City.

Afterwards he went to a dentist based in Oklahoma in which he had received a tooth cleaning and was then given antibiotics to follow up on.

However, the antibiotics failed to help in the man’s situation and soon enough his face started to swell up.

Not to Be Taken Slightly

The man then contacted his brother to meet him because he had told him that he was too physically weak in order to drive all the way back again.

Both the man and his brother then proceeded to check on his condition at a hospital situated in Utah.

It was there that Nataliya, the wife of Mr. Anatoliyevich had been contacted by doctors from the hospital to tell her the bad news of her husband’s condition.

Living Like it’s Your Last

Nataliya said that the doctors who called her had told her that “tonight is the night he’s going to die.”

The doctors then added that the infection in her husband’s body had spread in such an extent they would be unable to stop it from further spreading.

Nataliya afterwards stated that she is sure that her husband is currently in heaven and that he is far happier. “He’s gonna be my angel for the rest of my life,” she said.

The wife then stated after her husband’s death that although she no longer has a father or a husband in her life, her deceased husband will still be there aiding her through every step she makes in her life.