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Chance the Rapper Revealed That Apple Music Paid $500,000 To Feature Coloring Book Album


Chance the Rapper is often considered a pioneer in hip hop music for not signing with any major labels and continuing on with the traditional mixtape routes rather than charging for studio albums.

So when recent news was revealed suggesting that the rapper may be selling his upcoming album, it was especially surprising. Now, through a series of tweets, the Grammy award winner revealed that Apple’s music sector paid him a whopping $500,000 for the exclusive rights to stream Coloring Book.


Last Friday, the native of Chicago opened up regarding his ongoing relationship with Apple and their streaming services, acknowledging that he had been compensated for his recently released third mixtape, that gained the award for Best Rap Album at the most recent Grammys.

He tweeted: “I wanna clear things up. @apple gave me half a mil and a commercial to post Coloring Book exclusively on apple music for 2 weeks”

He mentioned that people have been attempting to “discredit my independence,” and shared that he had been given $500,000 and a commercial after agreeing to give them the mixtape for an exclusive appearance on Apple Music for the duration of two weeks when it was released in May.

“That was the extent of my deal, after 2 weeks it was on Soundcloud for free,” he stated. “I needed the money and they’re all good people over there.”

Chance Response To Signing Deals

Chance went on to say, “I think artist can gain a lot from the streaming wars as long as they remain in control of their own product. I just wanna remain transparent. Folks out there without a deal need to know they’re doing everything right just keep at it.”

“If you come across opportunities to work with good people, pick up cash and keep your integrity I say Do It,” said Chance.