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Chelsea Handler Humiliates Trump at Charity Event


The NeueHouse Hollywood hosted last week an event (Young Literati Toast), organized by the Library foundation of Los Angeles, raising funds for the Los Angeles public library. The head of the foundation, Ken Brecher, happily announced: the sold out event has collected a significant sum that will allow them to give 650,000 children access to the library.

Famous Participation

A handful of celebrities attended to share with the audience the impact libraries had on their upraise.

The son of Tom Hanks, Colin Hanks, hosted the event with his companion actress Busy Phillips.

Chelsea Handler, one of the star guests at the Young Literati Toast, entertained the crowd with her speech and caused many moments of laughter with her sarcasm.

Ms. Handler went to narrate the crowd about the upbringing of her parents and citing them instructing her with life guidance: “I was the youngest of six kids and my parents were big readers. They made me read because they thought I was going to be pretty and you have to back that up”.

She then went on to say: “I was so excited about being pretty, I was, like, Sure, I’ll read”.

Sarcastic Cannon

The famous comedian actress turned political after a while and started to sarcastically praise the controversial new president of the United States of America, Mr.Donald trump.

She criticized the autobiography of the new head of state he had the released in the late eighties, ridiculing  the struggle and success he portrayed about himself.

In an attempt to explain her perception about the political situation in the country is facing and her ambitions, the Hollywood celebrity said: ” I think the way we have come together is so inspiring. I would have hoped that would have happened before the election, but I’ll f—ing take it because it’s so much better to be friends with people you would never talk to before just because we all know that Donald Trump is a f—ing loser”