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Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan Leaves NASA


NASA has just announced that their chief scientist, Ellen Stofan left NASA in order to allegedly pursue in alternative “adventures.”

NASA has not yet revealed whether or not they have someone to replace Stofan for her position, and it has not been 100 percent clear of why Stofan left or where she is planning to head to next.

Stofan had a made a witty joke during the National Academies Space Studies Board symposium that had taken place in California in December, when the sign with her name had apparently fallen down, in which she reacted by saying that she was to be leaving from NASA in two weeks anyhow, so her name falling to the ground serves as some type of symbolic significance to that.

A Vague Departure

Stofan has served with the space agency for quite some time, and has served as their chief scientist since 2013.

During an interview with NASA, they had stated that Stofan is simply leaving her position in order to embark on other journeys, which leaves us with a vague sense of what she’ll be up to next. Apparently Stofan had left the space agency sometime around Dec. 20th, according to reports.

An Uncertain Future

With a prominent individual like Stofan leaving NASA, it leaves a gap for the future of whether or not someone has already been recommended as a replacement for the agency’s chief scientist, and how will NASA be dealing with the blank position for the next little while?

Stofan departed from the agency just a little over less than a month before Donald Trump’s presidency begins in a few weeks from now, and several questions and uncertainties have arisen regarding their new policies.

Budgets that could possibly be changed or lessened from the US government serves as one specific potential problem NASA could be facing with the new presidential administration.