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Children’s charity and police warn of new salt and ice craze which causes horrendous burns


Children’s protection charities are warning parents to be aware that youngsters have suffered severe burns as a result of a new social media craze.

The salt and ice challenge involves children putting salt and ice on their skin. But, while this might seem like harmless fun, it actually can cause a chemical reaction which means the temperature of the ice plummets to -17C. Children then see who can stand to have the ice on their skin for the longest.

However, the results can be horrific, with youngsters suffering burns which are similar to frostbite. Some people have been taken to hospital as a result of suffering third degree burns after taking part in the challenge.

US craze now in Britain

The NSPCC has now issued a warning to both parents and teachers, asking them to be aware of the trend and to do what they can to stop children from taking part. The craze first did the rounds in schools in America a few years ago. However, it now seems to be taking off in Britain.

Police in West Yorkshire, where there have been instances of injuries, have also warned parents to let their children know how dangerous the practice can be. A number of children have been left with permanent scarring, and even nerve damage, as a result of taking part in the challenge.

One parent said her son took part in the challenge and was left without feeling in part of his hand. She said it looked like he had suffered severe frostbite. Meanwhile, another mother said her daughter now had permanent scarring following putting the ice and salt on her skin. The NSPCC said that social media had increased peer pressure felt by children, and that the salt and ice challenge was yet another example of this. It urged schools to keep an eye on whether the trend was taking place among pupils.