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CLOUD Technology has elevated as the chart buster agenda for IT icons


A number of studies have revealed extensive adoption of cloud technology amongst IT professionals in the recent past. The cloud technology has a strangle hold on almost all type of business industries with the trends towards continuous increase. In spite of visibly increased trend towards alliance amongst the major cloud vendors to provide the best possible experience to users, the research has indicated that even enhanced landscapes are not fulfilling the requirements of users and has constantly witnessed overcrowded situation. This provides a perfect opportunity to the professionals to focus towards development of more formidable cloud platforms.

IT Pros have a keen focus on the companies operating on smaller scale which always comes with the inherent risk of bankruptcy and security issues. According to the study based on research, a substantial reduction is expected on the number of companies currently associated in providing IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service), management software as well as cloud services in the near future.

Google has already been in the limelight largely due to the advent of enterprise space. The continuous development towards the applications related to Work suite has also caught significant attention in the world of IT professionals. However many renowned research companies still don’t count Google to be in top tier. The prediction of stealing the show in future however remains always on card for them even.

Security has always been the main cause of concern while analyzing the cloud technology adoption for general public. The research however has contrasting views and believes that this is just an overhyped threat which should not influence the firms from enhancing and promoting the coverage of cloud technology to the masses.

The Government sources of United States believes that the mega companies providing cloud technology are more focused in providing better and imaginative features and capabilities. The powerhouses such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft are equipped with the highest possible security infrastructure and are more keen and skilled to tackle the issues and challenges arising compared to any other private company.

The research also outlines innovation as the deciding factor amongst the leading cloud companies. The brand value of Microsoft and Amazon outshines the others and has been the first hand choice for IT users. Innovation and developments have been the major factors which has resulted in larger ecosystems and hence emerged as preferred choice for the user.

The research companies are expecting Microsoft and Google to quickly catch up with Amazon in terms of revenue generation mainly accumulated through Amazon Web Services offering. Financial performance of the cloud technology providers has been a key indicator to measure the capacity of firm to innovate and tackle the problems of users by presenting effective and sustainable solutions.

It is almost impossible for the IT pros to evaluate the performance and growth of cloud technology providers in the absence of platform-level information. The research inspires the business professionals to comprehend the increasing demands of cloud technology with the aim to enhancing their operational efficiencies. The idea should revolve around the enhancement and modification of existing cloud technology which may become obsolete over the course of time.