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Coca-Cola Banned By The Teachers Union – But Why?


Human Rights Violation Cited To Be The Reason For The Ban

American Federation of Teachers, which is one of the largest teachers unions in America, last week passed one resolution by which it took a decision to ban Coca-Cola from all of its events and facilities. According to the teachers’ union, the decision was taken on the basis of human rights violations that have been stated in detail in 3 books that were published years ago. The reason for the union to suddenly wake up now to the problems is quite surprising. AFT is a labor organization and the decision may have been taken in order to stand by their brother labor organizations that have put their foot down against Coca-Cola.

Disassociation With Unionized Workers May Be The Reason

The allegations were answered by Coca-Cola who said that the ban was solely based on “outdated and erroneous allegations that we have repeatedly addressed.” According to Larry Sand, who is the President of the California Teachers Empowerment Network, the ban may be because of the hesitation of the company to employee permanent and unionized employees and take employees on a sub contract. The practice is preferable because costs are much less in that way. The real cause therefore maybe that only. Sand however, was quite skeptical as to how far the products of Coca-Cola can be banned.

Boycotting Products Is A Habit Of AFT

According to Sand, in order to wipe out Coca-Cola totally, they will have to go after products like Nestea and Minute Maid as well.  The communications representatives of AFT were asked about the subcontracting issue and they had said that they would get back to Watchdog.org, but did not do so before deadline. They had before this boycotted Staples and said that they could not sell stamps any more.