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Concerns rise as Real Madrid suffers pair of losses


Though they have experienced just two losses, it is enough to worry, especially for a club like Real Madrid. Despite playing with its top players, Madrid was observed to be struggling in both matches, and suffered defeats to Girona and Tottenham, later.

Madrid who is defending the Champions League and Spanish League titles is at present eight points behind top rivalry Barcelona in the Spanish league. Four in a row in the league have been won by Madrid before last week’s loss at Girona.

According to the Zidane, it is the team’s failure to convert opportunities in front of goal that is responsible for their loss.

Zidane has said in confidence that the team possesses a lot of great talents that are capable of putting the team on the best track.

Experience would come in handy

Ronaldo expressed that some experience in the club would be of great benefit to them right now. He stated that a few of the players that the club let go of could be making a lot of impact in times like this, players like Pepe, James Rodriguez, and Alvaro Morata.

‘The players who are now at Madrid are the future of the club, and they have a lot of experience’ Ronaldo said. He was the scorer of the club’s only goal at Wembley, ‘However, if I were to be asked, great players are the backbones of any club, players like Pepe, James, and Morata. They are players whose absence are currently being felt.’

Sergio Ramos, a defender for the club, said that it was normal and expected for any fan of the club to be sad concerning the recent struggles of the team, but that no one should write them off just yet.