Danbury mayor to pass through brain surgery


A man aspiring to run for governor, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton will undergo brain surgery Tuesday. The operation which will be conducted at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is aimed at removing the tumor – epidermoid cyst.

In an email sent to supporters by Boughton, he said that his medical team had given him full assurance that he will recover entirely and be fit again.

Epidermoid cysts

The American Brain Tumor Association stated that the epidermoid cysts are often found in adults who are in their middle age. However, the particular cause of the epidermoid cysts is not known at the moment, but it stands out as major diseases.

It is believed that certain kinds of the epidermoid cysts form during the early weeks of fetal growth. The website pointed out that the cyst is a disease that has no precautionary measure. As such, there’s nothing specific one can do to prevent the growth of the epidermoid cysts.
Speculations are that it’s benign, but these forms can be malignant too.

Boughton speaks

In the email by Boughton, he believes with his medical team that the surgery will be a one-time thing that wouldn’t call for any other medical intervention. He added that he believes that he’d be back to serve the people of Danbury after a short while.

Boughton is presently on his eight—term tenure as a Danbury mayor. However, this marks his third time seeking for a run for the Republican to nominate him for governor. On the face of it, Boughton is set to quit the race if he doesn’t raise the required amount for public financing – $250,000.