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Disturbing Jokes Written on Big Screen During Cricket Match


During a cricket test match between India and England, fans were outraged as disturbing jokes referring to Adam Johnson, Madeleine McCann, and Josef Fritzl were screened on the scoreboard.

Amongst the type of jokes that were included were references to Adam Johnson’s allegations regarding his pedophilia.

Fan Messages

Fans were requested to write messages and send it to so as a way of encouraging the players, but the messages that were written ended up back lashing once their contents were revealed.

One such message stated “Lovely to see so many young cricket fans here today! -Adam Johnson.”

Adam Johnson was charged with child sexual offenses this year at 29 years of age, and was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

According to reports, three year old Madeleine McCann has yet to be found, and went missing in Praia da Luz, Portugal back in 2007.

An offensive joke written on the scoreboard remarked on this incident by writing “So grateful for my parents to bring me to the Cricket! Great day so far 🙂 – Madeleine McCann.”

More Offenses

The jokes transgressed far more as the match continued, with references to Josef Fritzl, an Austrian citizen, who had kept his daughter Elisabeth confined in his basement for over 24 years and repeatedly raped her.

The joke about this infamous crime read “I came here in memory of my father Josef, who loved to watch cricket with me in the basement in our home country, Austria – Elisabeth Fritzl.”

British politician Nigel Farage, who aided in leading the UK out of the European Union was also targeted, along with Bobby Sands, a member of IRA, dying as a result of the hunger strike he started while in prison in 1981.

“Great to see the hunger for Test cricket in Mumbai – Bobby Sands,” read the billboard.

The Barmy Army, who serve as informal supporters for England, expressed their anger over these jokes and stated “It’s a no-go area. It’s a very sick thing to do.”