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“Do Something about Our People in Puerto Rico” Marc Anthony Demands as He Does Takes swipes at President Trump


This New York-conceived artist from Puerto Rico plummet hammered the current American president, seventy one, on the subject of the remarks with reference to national football league athletes going on their knees amid their state song of praise.

This singer, forty nine, at the beginning of the week had posted on the social media, “Mr. Leader, close the f**k up on the subject of national league. Take care of the kin within require around the Puerto Rican region. They remain also residents of America as well.”

This singer from new York, whose guardians were natives out of this aforementioned area, made references to this pulverization for this Caribbean’s isle subsequent to a duo of destroying sea tempests, Irma as well as Maria. This last mentioned disaster, in the fourth category of hurricanes’ classification, made the affected area to be devoid of power in addition to being with no portable water. No less than sixteen individuals have been affirmed deceased, as indicated by LA Times.

Jennifer lopez revealed her plan to go banding together in the company of the singer as well as beau Alex to raise funds which would become channeled to individuals as well as groups that were influenced.

Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are both of Latin-American origins

“Alex as well as I, being mutually residents of New York, would be using every one of the assets as well as connections in diversion, games as well as businesses to gather bolster to the folks living in Puerto Rico in addition to around the adjoin neighborhoods help the endeavors,” Jennifer assured.

The American president had reacted not long subsequent to Anthony’s social media post on twitter early on in the week, tending to the circumstance on the Caribbean island. “Texas and Florida are catering for their burdens incredible well however the people on the island of Puerto Rico, who were at that point experiencing out of order framework and monstrous obligation, remains in a bad position,” the president had tweeted using a progression of social media posts.