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EU Business School to Host La Mobilière CEO Markus Hongler


The World-Renowned EU Business School is proud to welcome La Mobilière CEO Markus Hongler

It is an honor for EU Business School to welcome La Mobilière CEO Markus Hongler to its Montreux Campus where he will be participating in the school’s “Learning from Leaders” series. As part of EU’s on-going commitment to its students, the conferences introduce them to various highly successful business leaders from across the globe.

Event Details

The date for this note-worthy event is February 23. It will be held at Le Fairmont Montreux Palace, and proceedings will begin at 1:30 p.m. The event is open to students from across all of the EU campuses as well as faculty members and their guests.

Attendance to this prestigious affair is highly encouraged. It is the first of many such outstanding undertakings that are planned for this 45th anniversary year of the school.

During this inspiring afternoon, our distinguished guest speaker will expound on his personal business philosophy that upholds the Swiss tradition of commitment to excellence, exemplary customer-first service, partnership and fiscal responsibility — all while driving the company forward to ever greater success.

Mr. Hongler will also expose his visionary strategies for the future development and continued success of the insurance sector with the students here at EU Business School. It promises to be a truly absorbing and stimulating interaction.

In the words of the school’s president, Dr. Dirk Craen:
“We are excited that our students will have this opportunity to learn from one of Switzerland’s most highly-respected CEOs. EU is truly honored to have Mr. Hongler visit our business school and share his knowledge, expertise, insights and vision for the future with us. Let us give him a warm and well-deserved EU welcome!”

Introducing Markus Hongler

Born in 1957, Mr. Hongler earned his insurance underwriting degree at the Lucerne General Agency branch of the highly respected Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Group Company. Mr. Hongler has successfully held various management positions within several Swiss financial sectors, working within Switzerland and abroad.

He is a former member of the Management Board of Zurich Switzerland. Mr. Hongler served a five-year term as a director of industrial business in Europe between 2001 and 2006. He then became CEO of the organization’s Swiss business.

Mr. Hongler held that position for three years, after which, he took charge of the European non-life insurance department. He embarked on his current position of CEO of La Mobilière in 2011.

Markus Hongler’s sterling career within the insurance sector has placed him in the upper echelons of the Swiss business realm over the past seven years. He is among the most dynamic and progressive CEOs within the Western Europe’s insurance industry and is immensely respected in both the commercial and political spheres.

Introducing La Mobilière

This is Switzerland’s pre-eminent insurance company, with a market share in excess of 28.7 percent, making it the leader within the personal property insurance industry. In 2016, the company amassed a profit of 439.5 million Swiss Francs.

The company was established in 1826, and was Switzerland’s first private insurer. It operates exclusively in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, in accordance with trusted and time-honored Swiss business traditions. Today, the company employs over 4000 employees.

Introducing EU Business School

An acclaimed business school, EU was established in 1973. It is a professionally accredited international institution with world-class faculty members. The school has campuses in Montreux, Munich, Geneva and Barcelona, and students are offered the chance of programmatic transfers between campuses.

In addition, students may also obtain state-recognized degrees from Spain’s Universidad Católica de Murcia, and from the U.K. universities: the University of Roehampton and the University of Derby.

The school has a diverse and multi-cultural student body. Over 100 nationalities are represented, and the alumni network is 26,000-strong. Class sizes are small, thus promoting a more personalized and cooperative learning environment. The classes are offered in English.

As demonstrated by Markus Hongler’s imminent visit, EU Business School provides opportunities for students to interact with leading international captains of business via organized industrial visits and guest lectures.

Ranked among Europe’s top business schools, EU Business School holds the distinction of being recognized by the Academy of Business in Society/ABIS for continued and steady dedication to the ideals of corporate social responsibility.

If you would like to learn more about EU, its faculty and its experiential business learning approach, visit: www.euruni.edu

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