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Ex-Bus Driver Charged For Murdering Nine People In a Killing Spree


According to local police, an ex-bus driver has been charged for murdering nine people after going on a “killing spree.”

The Charge

According to the local police, Aaron Saucedo, a 23-year-old ex-bus driver has formally been charged for the murder of nine people after going on a “killing spree” in a Phoenix neighborhood. Up until he was identified, he was named “the Serial Street Shooter.” by local authorities.

Saucedo was charged in April for one murder, unrelated to the neighbourhood, and is now charged for nine. After his initial arrest, he had said: “I’m innocent.” He has been put in jail on an $8m bail. He briefly appeared in court on Thursday to be told of his charges, and was asked questions about his background.

The Incident

The man reportedly snuck up on people in the night and shot them while sitting outside their homes or in their cars. He would pass by with a car and shoot people, or briefly come out in order to attack them. This happened over almost a year, starting July 2016. The charge comes almost two months after the incidents happened.

Saucedo was initially arrested for killing Raul Romero, a 61-year-old man who had previously had a relationship with his mother. After further investigating him, the police tied to him to the murders in the neighbourhood. Among the people he killed there were a 21-year-old soon-to-be father, a woman, her 12-year-old daughter and the woman’s friend.

According to the police, Saucedo had completely changed his look after they had publically issued a sketch of the suspected murderer. He also stopped driving the BMW he used to drive through the neighborhood. After seizing the car, the police also found the shell casing of a 9mm bullet in his car, which was the same as the shells found in his victims.

Saucedo also had no previous criminal record and had no social media accounts.