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Facebook introduces WI-FI Feature


Facebook’s new feature now has a Wi-Fi connection to make it easier when you run off network signal.

The biggest social media platform, Facebook, has launched an expansion to its Find Wi-Fi features, which was only available in few countries.

This new feature has been now launched worldwide for both iOS and Android users. The find WI-FI feature will help you locate businesses that provide free Wi-Fi to users, and add them to your Google Map Device.

This new feature will help you

When you experience a bad signal, or you trying to save a mobile data; the new Feature also provides more information about the business within your space and these include their specialisation and time of opening and also the Wi-Fi network’s name.

Although, this feature only works with companies that really state that they will be offering free Wi-Fi connection openly on their Facebook page.

Alex Himel, Facebook engineering director wrote in a blog “We Open find Wi-Fi in some countries 12 months back and discover that is very useful for people travelling or people who are changing location, but most importantly it was helpful to areas with a poor mobile data connection.”

However, you must be wary of connecting to a public network. A Recent finding from iPass shows that coffee shop WI-FI can be dangerous.

Cafe have vulnerable WI-FIs

IPass disclose that “coffee shops and cafés” are now everywhere and both of them renders comfort and it’s mostly preferred by workers, who seek free high-speed internet access and also coffee.

Well, “majority of these Cafés have lax security standards”, in other words, any user’s making use of the Wi-Fi network is potentially a victim of cyber and other internet crime.