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Famous Tennis Player Goes Bankrupt


Boris Becker, who is a three-time Wimbledon winner has been shockingly bankrupt by a court in London.

Boris Becker, 49, owes a huge sum of money to a company of private bankers and it was declared by the court that he did not have enough viable evidence or property that he would be able to repay the debt.

His lawyer asked during the hearing that he should be given a final opportunity to pay the debt that he owes from the money he will get from the sale of his property in Spain.

Boris Becker who is now a TV pundit and coach currently works with the British Broadcasting service and other media houses, did not attend the court hearing.

The court registrar Miss Christine Derrett stated that it was with great regret that she came to the conclusion that Boris Becker will not be able to pay his debt.

“I was watched him a couple of times when he played at the Centre Court, which shows how old I am” she added
The bankrupt charge and application were filed by Arbuthnot Lathan in relation to the debt that Boris Becker owes to them for close to two years.

Deep In Debt

Although Boris’s lawyer asked for additional 28 days so the debt could be serviced with the profit from his property in Majorca, which is expected to come in a month’s time.

However, the claim was rejected by the court’s registrar who stated that it was not common for a professional person to have debt case against them for 2 years. Calling it a historic debt.”

His attorney, John Briggs stated that Boris Becker was not really good at finance and need a chance to fix the problem even though it was taken longer than expected.