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Federal Elections Committee Reveals Another Suspicious Transaction Around Donald Trump


Shrouded in mystery, remains the deepening involvement of the new president of the United States of America with foreign powers aiming to alter and impact the procedures and reaches of the White House.

The portfolio, provided by the British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to the American intelligence community that serves as a basis to the investigations conducted against Mr. Trump, is revealing day by day with the development of events its relevance to the allegations thrown at the Republican candidate from multiple directions.

The Federal Election committee has issued a report listing various donations made to the Trump inaugural committee by multiple sources, revealing another detail that immerses the previous real estate mogul into an area of increasing tangible suspicion.

Russian game

The blueprint announced by the watchdog agency, stipulated a grant made by the Venezuelan state-owned oil company (PdVSA) that raises questions concerning the circumstances that surround the entity.

The Venezuelan powerhouse is defaulting on vast debts to the Russian semi-state-owned oil company Rosneft amounting to 1.5 billion dollars.

The Venezuelan government offered the Russian counterpart a 50% stake in another of its U.S affiliates, namely Citgo Petrol, as well as simultaneously contributing to the inauguration fund of the Trump campaign through the same company.

A half a million dollar contribution to the new American head of state was only possible through such a transaction, as foreign donations are not permitted und the legislations of the U.S.

Bipartisan fear

The bipartisan fear that the Russian firm taking over Citgo Petrol stands at a low chance of happening due to the sanctions imposed by the global super power on its arch enemy and most of its major concerns and business man.

The conspiracy finds itself happening in the realm of the donations made to Mr. Trump and the official anticipation declared by Russian officials of his consideration to lift the sanctions.

Some experts are doubting the intention behind the sum transferred to the Trump inauguration committee to be a very controversial move that leaves many questions unanswered.