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Formula One: Lewis Hamilton in The Race to secure a Fourth Title on a Familiar Circuit for Ferrari


Vettel’s Ferrari team looks set to battle Hamilton’s Mercedes at the Mexican Grand Prix.
A win at Mexico will see Hamilton clinch his fourth F1 global title.

The nature of the circuit in Mexico has the Mercedes team worried, they fear Hamilton’s Mercedes will struggle at the tracks of the Autodromo.

One thing working against Mercedes is where the track is located. The altitude of Mexico City at 2250m creates a downforce. This downforce is usually lower at this altitude on the wings of a formula 1 race car.

Hamilton Still On Course

If Sebastian Vettel wins the race in Mexico, Hamilton is still entitled to the win his fourth world title, only if he could at least end the race in the fifth position. If Sebastian Vettel ends up finishing in 2nd place, all Hamilton needs to do is to come in at ninth place.

The track has a similarity with the location of the Formula1 races, that took place from 1986-1992.

Force India’s driver Sergio Perez, is billed to race in front of home fans that are willing to cheer him on against formidable opposition in the Shape of Hamilton and Vettel.

Hamilton is not just taking in the negatives he is also soaking in the positives, He said: “in Mexico, you’ve got great music and culture”.

Coming off an entirely grueling season, Hamilton is poised to beat Vettel to secure his fourth Formula One World Title.