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Fugitives Caught In Georgia After Three Day Manhunt By Police


Two fugitives were finally caught in Georgia, after police had been hunting them down for three days.

The Fugitives

According to authorities, two fugitives who the police had been looking for for three days, were finally caught in Georgia.

Authorities say that Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose had managed to run away from a prison bus, killing a couple of Georgia police officers.

Three days later, they reportedly broke into an elderly couple’s home close to Shelbyville, Tennessee and used a rope to tie them up.

The fugitives then left the couple three hours later, taking their cell phone and their Jeep. The couple were found by a state trooper who went over to their home for a welfare check.

How Did They Catch Them?

The police chased the two fugitives on Thursday for about 10 miles. The car chase ended in a wreck and gunshots were fired. No one was injured at this point.

Rowe and Dubose then fled into the woods, and both ended up on a yard, which belonged to someone. Thankfully, a couple of neighbors managed to hold both fugitives down at gunpoint up until the police came and took them in.

According to one neighbor, he noticed the two men coming into his driveway, which prompted him to call a neighbor to help him hold them down at gunpoint.

“We know how important it was to capture them,” said Mark Gwyn, the investigation bureau’s director. “With the crimes committed in Georgia, we know they could’ve done that here. Yes, it feels good (to capture them), but there’s a lot of hurt people in Georgia that feel this pain for many years.”

Nathan Deal, the governor of Tennessee, said: “Rest assured, justice will be served. My sincere thanks to our local, state and federal law enforcement officers who assisted in the manhunt.”

“Because of their tireless efforts, the public is safe. The pain endured by the families and loved ones of Sergeant Christopher Monica and Sergeant Curtis Billue endures, however. We will do everything in our power to support their loved ones, and we will not forget their sacrifice and service.”