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Gibbons are the Last Common Ancestor of Apes and Humans


Scientists studying the human background discovered that the last common origins of early humans and apes are probably primates that are as small as gibbons.

A complicated subject is the tracing down of the origin of humanity. It has been revealed to be challenging to map out how hominids dispersed and even more difficult ot excavate the very foundations of shared history. The widely accepted knowledge is that Chimpanzees are the most likely ancestors of humans and also of the great apes. Nonetheless, a new research implies that a smaller primate may be the most likely ancestor for the human race.

Published in the Journal of Nature Communications, there is detailed the research carried out by scientists and researchers of the Tubingen University and the New York’s University of Stony Brook. Fossils of primates were studied from Asia, Europe, and Africa, and It was discovered from the study that the body mass of our ancestor is compatible with that living in a creature the size of a gibbon.

The Ancestrial Family Tree

About 25 million years ago, Hominoids separated from the New World lineage of monkeys, and a line of hominoids and monkeys of the old world were created. Development was continued from there over several millions of years.