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“Global Britain” Procuring Its “Global Status”


In her effort to shape the new dimensional configuration of her country, calling it “Global Britain”, Theresa May has been negotiating up and down with all corners of the globe.

A referendum, conducted last year, revealed a popular historic decision for the United Kingdom to disengage from the Union that was tying most of the continent since over half a century.

The drawback shook the stability of the entire region and drew a gray layer of fog around future prospects of Europe and specifically UK.

New Form New Arrangement

The immediate reaction to the “Brexit” resolution by the British government has been to secure its future trade, security and diplomatic relations under the new format it seeks to shape into.

Aside of the contentions the prime minister has been facing with her neighbors, to breakdown the terms of the divorce settlement, major regional and economic powers across the globe have welcomed to safeguard new constructive ties with the metamorphosed country.

Business comes first

A 2-day venture to the Middle East by the PM to mediate new financial links is under the spotlight of the media, as her visit will be scrutinized over the addressing of the substantial human rights violations of Saudi Arabia in its military intervention in Yemen.

The collateral damage caused by the airstrikes of the Saudi-led coalition is exceeding the 5000 casualties since its initiation. Ms. May has vocally affirmed her intention to devote considerable effort in pressuring the Gulf countries and their allies to limit their military intervention and to increase humanitarian aid.

The irony of the matter lies in the fact that Britain is one of the Saudis largest weapon exporter and are tied by various bi-lateral security agreements.

The United Kingdom and the United States of America have provided a shocking $5 billion  worth of weapons in its armed conflict in Yemen, besides of logistical and security training provisions.

The focus, as usual, will be for the head of the British state to ensure trade deals with the oil-richest country in the world and try to acquire the unprecedented share offer of the most valuable corporation in the globe, the Saudi state-oil company ARAMCO.