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Gordon Hayward Announces Plans To Leave Utah Jazz Team And Head To Boston Celtics


Gordon Hayward, basketball player for the Utah Jazz team, announced on Tuesday that he intends to leave Utah and head to Boston and sign with the Celtics.

The player has agreed to a four-year $128 million-dollar deal. Including a player option for the fourth year, according to an insider. They’re staying anonymous because they didn’t have the authorization to make any announcements.

Hayward (27) made it official by writing:

“I know that will be tough to hear for Jazz fans — and I really want you all to know that you mean the world to me and my family,” Hayward wrote. “Over the past few days, I’ve been genuinely torn. And I know that this process isn’t easy on the fans, either.”

“They say that Salt Lake is a great place to raise a family — and I know that sounds like something people just say. But you spend enough time here … and you realize that it’s true,” he continued. “And for me, as far as that goes — I feel like I’m indebted to Salt Lake, twice over.”

The player has made it abundantly clear that he had no intention to stay, it was time to move on:

“There was the special history of the Celtics, as a franchise — from Russell, to Bird, to Pierce, and it goes on. There was the amazing potential of this current Celtics roster, as a team — from ownership, to the front office, to a talented roster with Isaiah, and Al, and everyone else. And of course, there was Coach Stevens: Not just for the relationship that we’ve built off the court — but also for the one that we started building on the court, all of those years ago, in Indiana.”

More “Interesting”

A lot of avid basketball followers think the move will make the East coast conference “interesting” again. There have been many moves towards out west, while the east has been losing players, like Jimmy Butler moving to Minnesota and Paul George heading to Oklahoma City, creating an imbalance in the powers of both conferences.

This move should balance the competition out somewhat. Hayward was also courted by Miami Heat and his current team Jazz. Celtics won the bid.