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Health Picks of President Trumps pentagon say that mentally unstable civilians can purchase weapons in the US


On Tuesday, the nominee of the president of the United States for a high position at the health board of the Department of Defence said that it was sad and crazy that mentally unstable civilians could purchase guns and other weapons. This statement followed news of the mass shootings at Texas had gone about.

Devin Kelley who was identified as the shooter made use of an assault rifle to gun down over 29 worshippers at a church in Sutherland Springs.

The remarks made by Winslow were in response to the question posed by Jeanne Shaheen, a senator from New Hampshire concerning whether service members who have been convicted of domestic violence should be discharged dishonorably from the military.

The seller of the guns used by Texas shooter used database

Devin Kelley, a former member of service and the shooter at First Baptist Church used a Ruger AR-556 rifle to murder in cold blood dozens of worshippers, including innocent young children.

Among those who were killed in the onslaught was Joanna Ward along with her two daughters, Brooke Ward, who was five years old and Emily Garza who was about seven years old on the 5th of November 2017.

Other casualties of the Texas church shooting

On Monday the air force admitted that it could not enter the conviction of Kelley into a Federal database which could have been pivotal in stopping from gaining access to the murder weapon he used for the commission of the atrocities on Sunday.

The latest mass shooting left over 15 persons with injuries, with the others in conditions that were considered as critical. The victims of his onslaught were within the range of 18 months to over 70 years of age.

President Trump in his Asia tour shared that the tragedy that occurred on Sunday came about as a fruit of mental instability and not due to a gun situation.