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He’s finally at peace: Policeman passes away after wife’s court battle to turn off life support


Heartbroken, but relieved, the wife of a policeman who has been in a coma for 18 months, has revealed that he is finally at peace. Lindsey Briggs launched legal action to allow her action man husband Paul to be allowed to die.

The 43 year old has been in a coma since he was involved in a motorbike accident 18 months ago. Lindsey insisted that she knew her husband would not want to live like that, but she faced a battle from his medical team, who claimed there was still a small chance that he could wake up.

Lindsey, 40, says that her husband is now “finally free and at peace now.” She added: “We’re so sad to have lost him but we know that he is finally at peace. Our daughter Ella and I now want to spend time remembering Paul for the amazing, lovely man he was.”

Briggs versus Briggs

The Briggs versus Briggs case hit the headlines, with Lindsey winning the legal argument over NHS medics. It raised worrying questions about who speaks for someone when they can no longer make their wishes known.

Lindsey, who is mum to Ella, aged five, said that her husband should be moved to a hospice and allowed to pass away. She said she felt fighting for his right to die was the last thing she could do for her once active husband. She said that he would not have wanted to carry on with life in the condition he was in.

Mr Justice Charles, sitting at the Court of Protection, agreed with Lindsey, that she was acted out of love and knew what her husband would have wanted. Paul was hit by novice driver Chelsea Rowe, 26, who was on the wrong side of the road as he was on his way to work at night shift. The driver was later jailed for 12 months for causing injury by dangerous driver. However, she served just half of that term.