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Hotel opened in D.C to provide safe haven for liberals opened


A hotel which promotes itself as being anti-trump will be opened in Washington next year in 2018, according to reports from Bloomberg, the said hotel will open a safe haven for all individuals who consider themselves liberals.

With it carrying itself as the first hotel that is motivated politically, the chain of hotels which is owned by Eaton Workshop is planned to be built near the community engagement and will bring about the establishment of a philosophy that is liberal into the experience of the guest. The Washington Hotel, with other sites that are planned to be built in Hong Kong, Seattle and San Francisco in 2019.

The proposed contents of the Hotel

The Founder of Eaton Workshop, Katherine Lo, shared with Bloomberg that the location of the hotel in Washington will have amenities that will be able to cater to talks of public activism, talks like TED Talks-inspired chats and lecture sessions, enough room for serious start-ups to work, artists and persons who consider themselves as activists, a residency for writers where reports who are investigative can go on about the various stories that they are working on, it location will also feature a multimedia studio where short podcasts and films, including other contents, can be created in line with the philosophy of Eaton.

The hotel lobby will have footage from the presidential elections of the United States from 2012 to 2016, with a question boldly written concerning how the country got to the way it is currently. The minibar is planned to feature a toolkit for activists that will have information on the various ways one can make contact with your congress member along with materials for the making of demonstrative posters, Newsweek shared.

“Also, supposing we were open during the Women’s March that held this year, I would have ensured we put together some markers and boards in the rooms,” Lo revealed.