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How Russian Olympics team used coffee and salt to fool drugs testers


Fresh details have emerged about how the disgraced Russian Olympic team managed to hoodwick drugs testing officials.

More than 1,000 Russian athletes from both the summer and winter Olympics are now understood to have been either involved in directly, or to have benefited from, a doping scandal which took place over a four year timescale.

A new report from the World Anti Doping Agency claims that Russia had a widespread policy in place of doping and covering it up from the period between 2011 to last year.

The report concentrating on the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, but also touched upon what happened during the 2012 games, which were held in London. The latest report claims the Russian team corrupted the Olympics on a scale which had never been seen before.

Damning evidence

Following the report, the International Olympic Committee will be going back to test all samples of Russian athletes who took part in the London games four years ago. The findings add to damning evidence revealed in an earlier report.

Lead authors say conclusions have been drawn from forensic evidence and DNA analysis which prove that samples were swapped and opened.

New evidence has been found that the samples of 12 Russian medalists in Sochi were tampered with. These included the samples of four gold medal winners. Paralympic atheletes were also discovered to have had their samples tampered with.

Two female ice hockey players’ samples could not have been their urine as they included male DNA. Salt and Nescafe coffee granules were also found to have been used to fool testers by changing the way the samples looked. However, officials said they only had access to some evidence and that the extent of the doping scandal, or how many years it may have been going on for, may never be known.