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Infants Start Understanding Words At 6 Months: Study


Many parents may be experiencing issues in handling the cries and bad moods of their 6 to 9 months old babies at any time of the day. But new research shows that babies may have an appropriate comprehension of your language.

While the infants can’t request for what they want through spoken words, they have a keen understanding of some of your spoken words, especially words relating to food and part of the body, the new study reveals.

Naturally, infants can’t use exact spoken words and gestures until they are 10 or 11 months old

The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reported that babies could recognize more similar words like ‘stroller and car’ and the difference between less similar words like ‘ juices and car.’

“Indeed, even at the initial stages of understanding, infants seem to sense how certain words relate,” said Elika Bergelson, a professor at the Duke University in Durham, United States.

Also, by 6 months, some measurable part of their immediate surrounding predicts the amount of this first level of understanding they possess. There are follow-ups for possible intervention for babies who may be at risk of experiencing language deficits,” Bergelson noted.

The scientists used eye-tracking software to observe the infants’ stare towards two sets of pictures, the first pictures were related like “a glass of milk and a glass of juice,” and the other set of pictures was unrelated like “a hand and a bike.”

Speak more often

The findings revealed that infants’ word understanding correlated with the length of time they heard about objects from people in their environment.

The research team advised that parents should talk more in the presence of their infants since they can learn from whatever they hear, regardless of the possibility that it doesn’t give the impression of being so.