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Intel Senate Can Call Facebook and Twitter to Testify in Public


Senate Intelligence Committee may invite representatives of Facebook and Twitter to publicly declare about foreign interference in US elections after Facebook announced last week that the severe accounts associated with Russia bought more than $ 100,000 of political advertising since June 2015 to May 2017.

“Now that we have opened this time of social media, it is very interesting for us to have complete accounting of all those who operate in the universe – if, in fact, foreign money finds a way to finance one of the efforts in social media, “said Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in North Carolina Tuesday afternoon.

Facebook representatives last week informed the Senate Intelligence Service staff about their results on the spending of Russian political advertising on the US social media platform.
The Virginia senator also expressed disappointment that Facebook would not publish the incident reported by The Daily Beast on Monday night, in which reports related to Russia would help promote participation in political events subdivided in the United States.

“I am disappointed when Facebook introduces and introduces the Intel staff of the Senate but did not file this incident,” Warner said, adding, “This is one of the reasons we thought it was last week’s initial Facebook launch it was just the tip of the iceberg “See more ad tests additional, how they are used to manipulate individuals”.

But despite the interest shown by the head of the council at a public hearing

The group has not yet completed its deliberations on this issue. “We have not yet made a decision on the right path,” Burr told reporters as he raised the issues facing the commission.

“Are we confined to what Facebook has told us, do we extend the world of social networking with potential Russian money?” Where is our jurisdiction? In any case, we have invited future witnesses and public hearings. “