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John Hillerman Dies at 84


John Hillerman, the Texan who won an Emmy in the 80s and starred in the movies Blazing Saddles and Chinatown has passed on. He made a living by acting out roles that were of the snooty kind, as Johnathan Quayle Higgins III, the estate caretaker to Tom Selleck in the movie Magnum, P.I., it was on Thursday that the died at the age of 84.

In his lifetime, the veteran received up to 4 nominations for the Emmys back to back in years to show Higgins. He won the award in 1987 and passed on at his hometown in Houston, Lori De Waal, the family, instated spokeswoman shared with the Press. According to her reports, it was stated that the cause of his demise was not yet determined.

The character he took in the Magnum movie as Higgins was a natural play out of his role in Ellery Queen: Simon Brimmer, the TV show that was based on investigations and him being a detective. On the show, he was a personality on radio that considered himself to be some kind of sleuth.

Hillerman was also seen in episodes of Murder and other movies

Recognition was earned by the actor also for his role in the 70s sitcom called the Betty White Show. On it, he starred as the director of the star and the former spouse. He was Father to Sandy Duncan on the movie Valerie’s Family.

The first on-screen credit the actor received was in 1971 at an age that most people will regard relatively advanced.