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Lady in red: Theresa May meets Donald Trump as the two forge a new special relationship


While red is associated with her rival political party, Labour, British Prime Minister Theresa May clearly decided to show her support for Republican President Donald Trump as the two met for historic talks.

Wearing a pillar box red skirt suit, Mrs May was coordinated with President Trump, who was wearing a scarlet tie for the occasion. The two were pictured shaking hands in the Oval Office as Mrs May became the first world leader to meet the new president face to face since his inauguration.

The pair had both earlier spoken about their determination to forge a special relationship between the UK and the US, and they were seen chatting about a bust of Churchill, which President Trump has moved into his office, as a show of respect to the iconic wartime leader and to Britain.


The Prime Minister and the President had greeted each other for photographs outside the White House, before Mr Trump put a hand on Mrs May’s back to escort her inside. While Mrs May is holding talks in person, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President Francois Hollande are simply receiving a phone call, with President Trump also due to talk to Vladimir Putin.

It is expected that Mrs May will warn Mr Trump to be careful of how he handles the Russian president. She also wants the US president to give a commitment to NATO, which Mrs May feels is vital to the security of the West.

Earlier in the day, Mrs May had stopped to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, where at least 15 members of British personnel are buried along with their US allies. So far, the British Prime Minister has had a very positive visit to America, with Republicans heaping praise on her for a strong speech to their conference in Philadelphia.