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Lawyer Responsible For $550 Million In Social Security Fraud Is Now A Fugitive


Kentucky lawyer Eric Conn has fled the United States after being at the center of a Social Security fraud case

Eric Conn began his law practice in 1993 and turned it into one of the most prominent disability law firms in the United States, based in eastern Kentucky.

Conn’s practice crumbled when federal investigators discovered he had been colluding with a doctor and a judge to approve fake medical claims.

A federal judge ordered Conn to pay $19 million in penalties to the government and the two Social Security employees who attempted to expose his fraud, $5.7 million to the federal government and $46 million to reimburse Social Security.

Despite Conn surrendering his passport in April 2016 following his indictment, emails to newspaper the Lexington Herald Leader over the weekend by an individual claiming to be Conn states he had an accomplice who helped him flee the United States, and is residing in a country without an extradition agreement to the US.

Conn’s attorney Scott White has said he had also received emails from the same address and believes it to be Conn’s. The FBI did not respond for comment to confirm whether the email was Conn’s or not.

A carefully prepared escape

“I had to ask for help from an individual or individuals who were effectively immune from the government’s persecution,” Conn said in one email. “Fortunately, I had previously made alliances with such individual or individuals.”

Conn has crossed the US border over 140 times in the past decade, and repeatedly declared he would rather flee the United States than go to jail.

Conn claims the individual who assisted in his escape from the US has gotten him a job. Contrary to popular belief that Conn stored his ill-begotten gains overseas, he stated in an email: “The money I sent overseas that has long since been spent”.

Anger and resentment towards Conn runs high from former clients struggling to keep their disability checks in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.