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Lewis Hamilton gets one over Vettel


Lewis Hamilton has got one over Sebastian Vettel as he went clear of the German during the Canadian Grand Prix first practice.

Lewis Hamilton who is currently trailing Sebastian Vettel by a total 25 points crossed the finish line with 0.198 seconds less than Vettel. Vettel who came in second was followed by Valtteri and Kimi Raikkonen.

The return of Fernando Alonso to Formula 1 didn’t go as he planned as he car stopped on the track due to a failure in the hydraulic system.

There have been no report as to what would have led to the problem.

Pressure on Honda

Alonso was asked to stop by engineers even though he indicated that he was close to the hairpin, which is the last corner just before the track’s pit entry and it would have been easier for him to head to the pits.

He was however given a standing ovation as he stepped out of his car while the crew did their job on it.

“We are now getting used to things like this, ” he said to reporters as he made his way to the pits.

Alonso’s setback came at a point Mclaren are considering their future with Honda after months of talks.

McClaren’s executive director reiterated the need for them to be competitive again.

“At the moment our racing is not great. We don’t finish races and this has to stop.”

“We have started working on our car for 2018 so we have to take any decision before the summer break m. Things have to change and nothing will change if we keep doing the same thing over and over again.”

When he was asked he had discussed with Mercedes concerning a customer engine supply. Brown said “we have plans to cover every situation.”