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Lewis Hamilton on top after win in Japanese GP Practice Two


The Rain soaked Circuit in the Japanese Grand Prix Practice two was not much of an obstacle for Hamilton. The English man clocked a time of +0.211.

Heavy torrential rainfall on the Island forced practice two to be cut to just 45minutes. Five drivers managed to post times with Lewis Hamilton setting the pace.

In Second place was Esteban Ocon of India who posted a time of +0.799. Coming in at third was Sergio Perez also of force India who posted a time of +2.626.

Hamilton On The Edge

Felipe Massa of Team Williams posted a time of +3.427 coming in at fourth place. Finally, Lance Stroll also of Williams posted a time of +3.624.

Kimmi Raikkonen, Nick Hulkenberg, Hamilton’s closest rivals Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen posted no time due to the heavy downpour.

Sebastian Vettel Had a crash with Lance Stroll forcing him to a stop. Onboard cameras on Stroll’s Car exonerated him of any complicity in the crash.

Analysis of the footage showed that Sebastian’s maneuver into the path of Stroll facilitated the crash, but no driver was blamed.

Amidst fears of a grid penalty over an out-of-sequence gearbox change in the Japanese GP this weekend, Vettel still insists that Stroll was complicit in the crash, “he wasn’t looking in the mirrors, I think”, said Vettel.

The Japanese circuit is rather favorable to rivals Vettel and Hamilton as both drivers have won there a record six times between them.

Victory is the target for both Mercedes and Ferrari cars after a complicated week in Malaysian from unforced errors and engine troubles respectively.