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Lewis Hamilton wins in Canada


Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton, has finally admitted that their victory at the Grand Prix in Canada is important to their chances of winning a championship this year.

Lewis Hamilton’s win in the Canada, which is his third this season, cut Sebastian Vettel’s lead down to 9 as the Ferrari driver finished in fourth place.

The victory put Lewis Hamilton in the same category as his hero, Ayrton Senna, as he hit the 65 poles mark in the race. He said “ I think I am in great form and it showed in my performance this weekend.
“It was great for me and the entire team. It was just what we needed.”

This was Lewis Hamilton’s 6th win in Canada in last 10 races in the city and it is also the best record that he has recorded at all the circuits that he raced in. The victory was made even better as it came on his 10th anniversary of his first ever victory in Formula One.
“It was very smooth,” He said after the race. “I am really happy with my performance in the qualifying lap, I couldn’t stop smiling during the dinner because I couldn’t believe that I reached 65 poles. I had to literally pinch myself.”

“This time 10 years ago I got my first ever Grand Prix win. That was an amazing year for me. Now I am a lot different. I am way older. I could feel the crowd behind me unlike the first year because now people know me.”

Incredible Teamwork

Lewis Hamilton had some words of praise for his team’s performance as they swiftly fixed the problems that they had with the car in Monaco before their race in Canada.
“I’m impressed at the way they fixed the problem and now we are back in reckoning.”