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Man Dressed In UPS Uniform Kills Three People And Injures Two Others Before Attempting Suicide


A gunman in a UPS uniform killed three people and left two others injured before attempting to commit a suicide as police arrived at a company facility in San Francisco early Wednesday, authorities said.


Jimmy Lam, 38, of San Francisco, shot himself to death, San Francisco police said. Police concluded that no other member or group carried out the attack with Lam, which makes it far from being a terrorist attack.

Officers said that the shooter was in the building when he arrived. However, he pointed the gun at himself as soon as he saw them, he “put the gun to his head and discharged the weapon.” San Francisco police Assistant Chief Toney Chaplin said at a press conference Wednesday.

Chaplin added that the suspect was “dressed in a UPS uniform.” However, it still unknown whether he worked there when he carried out the attack. Investigations are underway to pinpoint the crime motive.

“The officers did what they were trained to do and that is when we have an active shooter we engage the active shooter to stop the shooting, and the officers did that.” Chaplin said. “This person took their life because our officers confronted him.”

UPS driver Marvin Calderon told NBC Bay Area was there when the shooting happened and ran for his life. Calderon was amid a conversation with the station employees, telling them he finished his daily briefing, then suddenly he heard the gunshot.


“I just heard bam, bam, bam, six shots, probably seven — everybody ran out outside on the corner of San Bruno and 17th. And then I heard five more shots.” Calderon said. He said the gunman was a fellow employee.

“I just started running out like crazy, like I’ve never run before.” he said.

According to the company, UPS has 350 employees at the San Francisco facility.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives took to Twitter to announce that they would respond to the shooting and file a report to San Francisco police.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee called the shooting a “senseless act of violence” and said that the victims and their families are in his prayers.

“We all know the familiar faces of our local UPS drivers and delivery persons. Today’s tragedy will be felt in every community served by these committed employees.” Lee said in a statement. “We are always saddened when someone loses a life to gun violence. Even one shooting and one victim is too many.”